The Plan for the Potomac

Local clean water initiatives are a vital and long-term investment in the health of our families, communities, and natural resources. 

Our special outdoor places provide a restorative place for relaxation and recreation, but they are also home to natural resources that yield safe water, clean air and healthy habitat. Whether it’s your favorite local picnic spot, a beautiful tree-lined corridor, or a tried and true fishing spot – our local green spaces need a voice in our communities.

That’s why Potomac Conservancy is fighting every day for local policy improvements that reduce pollution and enhance local quality of life through sustainable and smart growth, land conservation, and green infrastructure investments. Our winning approach combines fact-based research with the voices of 21,000 local river champions to drive legislative action for clean water.

To ensure our efforts have far-reaching impact, Potomac Conservancy works with diverse coalitions and builds a vibrant river constituency in targeted communities. We work in urban settings like Arlington County, Virginia, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Washington, DC to promote advanced river-friendly ordinances so these communities can serve as clean water leaders in the Chesapeake Bay region. We also take on challenges in Loudoun County, Virginia and Frederick County, Maryland – two of the fastest growing counties in the country – to advocate for smart growth planning that will enhance quality of life and prevent an increase in stormwater pollution.

When you speak up for the Potomac, you help advance important clean water initiatives and leave a legacy of clean water for generations to come!

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