IRA Gifts 

For those over 70½ years old, you may direct a gift from your IRA’s required minimum distribution as a tax-wise way to give. Your generous support helps Potomac Conservancy protect the Potomac River and ensure clean water.  

The donation you make goes directly from your IRA (via the IRA trustee) to Potomac Conservancy.  This can eliminate the tax obligation on that income while meeting your philanthropic goals, and at the same time help to satisfy the required minimum distribution. 

Using your IRA’s required minimum distribution to make a charitable gift can also help manage your adjusted gross income (AGI) for additional benefits throughout the year.  

Donations of any amount can be made at any time.  

Talk to your tax advisor or fund advisor for more information, or view the IRS’s direction on using IRAs for charity here:  

You may need this information: 

Potomac Conservancy 

8403 Colesville Road, Suite 805 

Silver Spring, MD 20910 

Federal Tax ID Number: 52-1842501 

Contact person: Mary Vasse, Director of Development, 301-608-1188 x207;