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We're Telling Trump to Fix His Clear-Cutting Disaster

While leaders and businesses in the Washington, DC, metro area are embracing river friendly growth, Donald Trump unnecessarily destroyed one and a half miles of trees along the Potomac River. 

Our petition demanding Trump replant the trees struck a nerve with the community. More than 6,300 local residents spoke up and lent their voices to clean water, and now we’ve taken the petition straight to the man in charge.    

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Potomac Conservancy leads a 17,000-person strong movement that is fighting to keep pollution out of the Potomac River and our local streams.

Fueled by member support, our clean water initiatives are advancing water quality protections and empowering a local movement for clean water.

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Fighting for Clean Water

Our waters are only as healthy as the lands that surround them. Discover what your neighbors are doing to keep the Potomac's headwater regions verdant and vibrant forever.

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Photo Credit:  Dennis Gundermann, Northern VA Daily

Photo Credit:  Dennis Gundermann, Northern VA Daily

Too often our rivers, forests and public lands are an afterthought in our growing community. Find out how we, together, can ensure our local, state and federal leaders hear the Potomac's Voice loud and clear!

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It takes a village to sustain and steward our lands and waters. So grab a friend and come get dirty for clean water! Explore ways you can make a difference in the fight for clean water in your community.

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