Hear from Fellow Landowners and Get Answers from the Professionals

We’ve partnered with the Frederick County Conservation Easement Authority in Virginia to showcase the only tool in private land preservation that protects land permanently: the conservation easement.

Check out our videos below to learn more about private land protection and get answers to frequently asked questions about conservation easements.


Episode 1: An Introduction to Conservation Easements

Conservation easements give landowners the power to permanently protect the natural and scenic values of their land and communities. Hear from landowners and experienced professionals about the process for securing an easement and get answers to some commonly asked questions. Enjoy the scenery and stories as you learn how you can protect the land you love with a conservation easement.


Episode 2: Landowner Testimonials

Meet three landowners in Frederick County, Virginia, who decided to protect their land with conservation easements. See their land and listen to them share stories of why protecting forests, agriculture, and clean water is important to them and the community. Hear their perspectives about the easement process and common misconceptions.


Episode 3: The Benefits of Conservation Easements

Many landowners who place conservation easements on their properties want reassurance that the agricultural and forested lands they love and care for will always retain their natural and agricultural values. This lasting legacy is just one benefit of conservation easements. Learn more about the private and public benefits of private land protection. 


Episode 4: Easement Support Team

Say hello to your conservation easement support team — a lawyer, appraiser, accountant, realtor, and land trust professional. It's important to work with experts with experience in your local area when taking steps to protect your land. In this video, professionals from various fields will answer common questions and address misconceptions about conservation easements.


Episode 5: Working with a Land Trust

So you want to protect your land with a conservation easement, what's next? Stewardship and Outreach Specialist Tracy Lind gives a brief overview of what to think about, who to talk to, and how to start the conversation with your local land trust.


Want more info on conservation easements?

Through our Land Protection program, Potomac Conservancy helps protect water quality from future threats by permanently protecting land in the Potomac's headwaters. As an accredited land trust, we work one-on-one with local landowners to protect streamside forests and provide resources to ensure working lands are productive and river friendly. To date, Potomac Conservancy has permanently protected more than 14,900 acres through 76 conservation easements.

Questions? Contact Emily Warner at 540-667-3606 or warner@potomac.org


Thank you to our partners at the Frederick County Conservation Easement Authority.