Stock Gifts, IRA Gifts, and Donor Advised Funds

Donating stock, mutual funds, or retirement distributions is a tax-wise method of making a lasting contribution to Potomac Conservancy

Your gift of stock will help ensure Potomac Conservancy can continue to be the leader in Potomac clean water policy and land conservation, while also providing you with tax benefits, including possible income tax and capital gains tax savings.

Required minimum distributions from retirement accounts can also be directed to Potomac Conservancy. Called a qualified charitable distribution, this form of giving can provide a possible tax benefit to you. Discuss your donation with your broker to learn more about benefits.

Use your donor advised fund to give. For those over age 70 ½, you may direct a gift from your IRA’s required minimum distribution as a tax-saving way to contribute. 

To take a donation of stock or retirement distribution to Potomac Conservancy, please contact our Development Department at 301-608-1188 x207 or