Saving Healthy Lands

Protecting Upstream Forests. Respecting Working Lands. Creating a Lasting Legacy.


Our waters are only as healthy as the lands that surround them. We work one-on-one with private landowners to conserve forested and open space lands in the headwaters regions, and provide resources to ensure our working lands are both productive and river friendly.



Through our Land Protection program, Potomac Conservancy helps protect water quality from future threats by permanently protecting land in the headwaters regions. We work with landowners within the South Branch watershed in West Virginia and the upper Shenandoah River watershed in Virginia to place conservation easements on their farm and forest land. Easements protect conservation values including water resources, forestland, wildlife habitat and prime farm soils by limiting development and similar land uses.

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Easements – 72
Acres Protected – 13,000+
Riparian miles – 91+
Stream miles – 57+
Trees planted in acres – 50+
States – MD, VA, WV


Riparian buffers
Habitat Protection
Technical Assistance

Protecting Your Land

If you love beautiful scenery, wildlife, clean water, agriculture, and outdoor recreation, then you’ll love conservation easements. We’ve partnered with the Frederick County Conservation Easement Authority in Virginia to showcase the only tool in private land preservation that protects land permanently: the conservation easement. Learn why people protect their land, benefits landowners and the community can receive, and get clarification on common questions and misconceptions.

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We're Moving Mountains for Clean Water

Potomac Conservancy purchased White Horse Mountain this spring, halting development plans on a 1,700-acre forest in West Virginia. 

Saving White Horse is a huge conservation win for clean water, healthy habitats, and rural heritage. Now, we need your help to give back the mountain to its rightful owners: the public!

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Enhancing Lands, Building Relationships

Our Landowner Advisor Program helps ensure our region’s working lands are both productive and river-friendly. Through this program, Potomac Conservancy helps connect non-operator landowners to technical and financial resources to implement pollution reduction measures, called Best Management Practices (BMPs).  If you would like to make your vision for your land a reality, learn more about available assistance.

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