Empowering a Local Movement for Clean Water

We believe the foundation of healthy, sustainable, and vibrant communities starts with clean water. 

Potomac Conservancy is the region’s leading clean water advocate, fighting to ensure the Potomac River boasts clean drinking water, healthy lands, and vibrant communities. We combine the grassroots power of over 31,000 members and online activists with conservation and policy initiatives to restore the Potomac River to full health.

We seek to improve the Potomac River’s water quality by building an impassioned base of river advocates to impart change at the local level. Founded in 1993, we drive the region’s clean water movement by providing the tools that empower local landowners, activists, volunteers, partners, donors, and all river champions to lead the charge for clean drinking water, healthy lands, and safe access to the river. 

Land Protection 

We work one-on-one with private landowners to protect streamside forests in the upstream communities, and provide resources to ensure our working lands are both productive and river friendly. Healthy Lands >

Clean Water Advocacy

We build a vibrant and diverse river constituency in targeted counties to advocate for, and successfully urge passage of, river-friendly land use policies that have broad impact on water quality. Clean Water Advocacy >

Community Conservation 

We mobilize thousands of volunteers in hands-on restoration efforts to raise awareness, inspire action, and empower our friends and neighbors to make a difference in their communities. Community Conservancy >


Together we're making a difference!

Potomac Conservancy leads a growing movement of over 23,000 members and online advocates. Together, we fight to keep pollution out of the Potomac River and local streams.

Every clean water initiative we pursue — from Land Protection, to Clean Water Advocacy, to hands-on Community Conservation — everything involves people taking action to restore the Potomac River.