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Partner Event: Salamander Scavenger Hunt

  • Kemp Mill Shopping Center 1347 Lamberton Drive Silver Sring, MD 20902 (map)

Led by George Middendorf, herpetologist and member of Friends of Sligo Creek, search search for salamanders in and along the Sligo Creek. 

This is a kid ­friendly hunt.  Kids love looking under rocks to see what they find. Salamanders are sometimes tough to find. They are small, slippery guys and a bit rare these days­­, but even if we don't see many, we'll find lots of other things along the way.

Meet at 2pm Sunday, April 13 at the far end of the Kemp Mill shopping center parking lot. This is at an access to the Sligo Creek pathway, and near the stormwater ponds. The hunt will last about an hour to an hour and a half.

Dr.Middendorf is a professor in the Department of Biology at Howard University.  His research focuses on reptilian and amphibian biology with emphases on behavior, ecology, evolution and host­parasite interactions.  He and his students are currently conducting surveys in Prince Georges County as part of the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas effort and invite folks to participate by contacting him at