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Partner Event: Nearby Nature Photography Competition

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust's Second Annual Nearby Nature Photography Competition is upon us! Share the shots that you’ve seen throughout the seasons. Check out the categories below and have fun, shutterbugs!

There will be two categories: Juxtaposition and Your Vision of Home.

  • Juxtaposition: Have you ever seen a sleeping cow next to a busy highway? Or ants busily carting away your lunch as you relax at a picnic? What about a serene stream with a thunderous rain cloud brewing overhead? Share your visions of life’s juxtapositions.
  • Your Vision of Home: We all associate different things with home. Is it your garden, a favorite tree, a road, a forest, a stream? Is it seeing your cat sunning itself by the window or your breakfast nook overlooking a birdfeeder? Is it an outdoor family gathering? Show us nature in the environment you call home.

    Entries must be received by midnight on November 2, 2015.

For more details about the competition and information on how to enter visit:

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