You can make White Horse Mountain the area's newest recreation destination

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SPECIAL UPDATE #1: We are thrilled to announce that thanks to 59 very special donors, we have raised $35,110 towards the permanent protection of White Horse Mountain. What’s around the bend? Now that you have helped push us toward the finish line, we’ll work with the state of West Virginia to complete all the glamorous paperwork to permanently protect White Horse Mountain and return it to the public as a new recreation destination.

SPECIAL UPDATE #2: Potomac Conservancy's White Horse Mountain project won a $40,000 grant from the Conservation Alliance! Thank you to everyone who visited REI Co-op in DC and voted to support White Horse in the Patagonia-sponsored local conservation contest. 

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With your help Potomac Conservancy saved White Horse Mountain’s 1,725 acres from impending development. Now we’re working to give the mountain back to the people! 

In 2015, with help from over 250 local residents and The Conservation Fund, Potomac Conservancy saved White Horse, preserving one of the largest remaining tracts of forest in our region.

Saving White Horse Mountain from development is a huge conservation win for clean water, healthy habitats, and rural heritage. The mountain’s forests provide pure waters to the South Branch of the Potomac River, the same waters you view (and drink!) downstream at Harper's Ferry, Great Falls, the Lincoln Memorial, and Mt. Vernon.

The last step in saving White Horse Mountain is to raise the last 20 percent of the $3.2 million project costs, so we can transfer the land to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WV DNR) to become the area's newest recreation destination.

WV DNR is eager to make the mountain its newest wildlife management area, a special place preserved for wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation. Donate today to help us complete the mission and make White Horse a public place where we can all explore, play, and experience nature. 

Help us make White Horse a public playground!



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