2015 Annual Report

Together we're taking a stand for clean water, for our Potomac!

With the support of over 21,000 local champions we have achieved some of the biggest clean water victories in Potomac Conservancy’s 23-year history!

  • Saved a 1,700-acre mountain from destruction
  • Stood up to an irresponsible developer
  • Empowered a local movement of shoreline volunteers

Read our 2015 Annual Report and learn how our local movement is delivering BIG results for the Potomac River.


Join 21,000 of your neighbors by taking a stand for clean water today!

You deserve a river that is safe to fish and swim in. A river that provides clean water to your family’s home. A river you can kayak on, splash in, and hike along without worry. You deserve a healthy and restored Potomac River.

Lead the fight for a restored Potomac by investing in local clean water initiatives that conserve healthy upstream forests, hold elected leaders accountable for protecting our waterways, and equip volunteers with the supplies they need to restore local shorelines. Donate today!

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Past Reports

Check out our 2014 Annual Report and learn how we're empowering a local movement for clean water!