Conservancy Closes Easement Deal on 288-Acre VA Property

In October 2013, Potomac Conservancy’s Land Protection team closed an easement on Half Moon, permanently protecting 288 acres in Frederick County (VA). Boasting pristine forests and working farmland in the Cedar Creek watershed, Half Moon helps preserve local and regional stream health as the waters of Cedar Creek meander into the Shenandoah River and ultimately flow into the Potomac.

Half Moon is owned by Diane Kearns and her father, Robert Solenberger, via Triple S LLC.  Neither Diane nor Robert want to see this property developed, especially due to its proximity to George Washington National Forest and the geographic feature (Half Moon) for which the property is named.  Of the 288 acres, roughly 75% is forested, and will always be managed as such according to the easement agreement.  With an allowance for one residence and a limited number of farm buildings, this property will never be more than a working farm. 

The easement helps maintain healthy water quality by including required 100-foot buffers on the unnamed tributary to Cedar Creek that starts on this property.  With its proximity to both National Forest and other large landowners, Potomac Conservancy staff is currently conducting outreach to neighboring properties of Half Moon to form a future green hub. 

Potomac Conservancy wishes to thank its supporters for helping us advance land conservation in the Potomac’s highlands including the Agua Fund, American Rivers, Dominion, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Learn more about Potomac Conservancy’s Easement > program and how landowners across the watershed are helping to keep our lands verdant and vibrant forever.

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