Volunteer Spotlight: Meet William

William and his colleagues from Shake Shack joined a group of 30 volunteers on a cold November day to pick up trash along the river's shores. Their dedication paid off! He and others removed over 1,050 pounds of trash in just 2 hours including 2 tires, 3 gas canisters, a long metal pole, and more!

The day was part of Potomac Conservancy's Canal Stewards program which offers volunteers two opportunities a month to clean up shorelines in Washington, DC and Cabin John, MD.

Read what William has to say about his day of volunteer service along the Potomac:

Q. What is your favorite activity to do on or near the Potomac?

Swimming and fishing.

Q. Why do you think it's important to keep the Potomac clean?

As someone who has lived on or very close to the Potomac, it has great sentimental value to me. That coupled with the fact that obviously it's important in general to keep our environment clean not only for our on sake, but for the sake of future generations as well.

Q. What is something that surprised you today as you were out along the Potomac?

How many people were out just enjoying nature on such a cold day!

Q. If you could ask everyone to do one thing to help the Potomac, what would it be?

If you're going to have fun on the river then please be responsible and pick up your cans and glass bottles when you're finished. The glass not only poses a danger to the wild life, but also to anyone else who is out just trying to have a good time.

Q. The last Volunteer Spotlight participant, Amber, asks: What drove you to be passionate about this particular event?

A combination of living near the river my whole life and it being a huge part of my childhood; and the fact that nowadays pollution seems to be at a very high point so I was glad I could do something small to help.

Q. What would you like to ask our next month’s Volunteer Spotlight?

What's your fondest memory involving either the Potomac or another body of water?

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Get Your Hands Dirty for Clean Water 

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