Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Lauren

Lauren along the C&O Canal towpath in Washington, DC

Lauren along the C&O Canal towpath in Washington, DC

Lauren and fellow team members from Corner Alliance joined Potomac Conservancy for a day of cleanup activities at Fletcher's Cove in Washington, DC. On a sunny May morning, Lauren and her colleagues removed litter and debris along the shores of the Potomac in the C&O Canal National Historical Park.

Here's what Lauren has to say about her day of volunteer service:

Q. Why do you think it’s important to give back to our lands and waters?

I know how important protecting and maintaining our environment is, especially our waters,  because I grew up in New Orleans, lived through Hurricane Katrina, and saw the impact of the BP oil spill firsthand. I believe the general public is becoming increasingly aware of environmental crises and a need for action. I want my children to enjoy nature's gifts I grew up with, whether it is the Potomac or the muddy Mississippi, and so I try to give back whenever possible.

Q. What is the most interesting or surprising thing you found during the cleanup?

We've experienced a significant amount of rainfall this season, but I just didn't realize how much until I saw how high the river had gotten. I was shocked to see such a significant amount of water and drift wood as high as the picnic tables! Not to mention all the debris and garbage that accompanied it. 

Q. Did you spot any animals or wildlife while out?

I was happy to spot some passing mallards - my company's mascot! The water also washed up a beaver dam.

Q. Why do you think it’s important to keep the Potomac clean?

The Potomac is a D.C. landmark and "our nation's river" but, more importantly, it provides us with water! 

Q. What’s the one thing we don’t have on the Potomac that you would like to see on the Potomac? (Asked by our last Volunteer Spotlight)

A pet water fountain for my furry friends!

Q. What would you ask our next month’s Volunteer Spotlight (can be anything, river/cleanup or not)?

What's your favorite activity on or by the Potomac?


Get Your Hands Dirty for Clean Water 

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