Deed in Hand, Potomac Conservancy Board Sets Foot on White Horse

Potomac Conservancy purchased White Horse Mountain this spring, halting development plans on a 1,700-acre forest in West Virginia. Thank you to the over 250 people who took action to move mountains for clean water!

To celebrate this tremendous clean water victory, Potomac Conservancy's Board of Directors made a recent trek out to West Virginia and set foot on White Horse. Board members marveled at its size, walked along its verdant lands, and took in sweeping views of the South Branch of the Potomac River.

Ahead of the hike, board members met with Andrew Woodson at his nearby farm. The Woodson family played an integral role in saving White Horse. Andrew's late father, Frank Woodson, championed the preservation of White Horse, working closely with community members and Potomac Conservancy to make his dream a reality.

Now, White Horse serves as a living memorial to Frank and his efforts to protect rural heritage, clean water, and healthy habitats.

Over the next year, Potomac Conservancy will be working to raise additional funds so we can transfer the management of White Horse Mountain to the WV Department of Natural Resources. When this exciting step happens, White Horse will open as a public land! Stay tuned!


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