Be a Hero and Take Action to Save the Potomac

Whether You're an Alfred or a Batman, You Can Be a Champion of our Nation's River!


Katie Blackman
Director of Community Conservation


Katie here from Team Potomac.

Though I officially report to Hedrick, my boss at Potomac Conservancy, I like to think I really work for our volunteers - the true champions behind much of our local restoration work. Don't worry. Hedrick agrees!

Did you see the news that our clean water volunteers removed over 228,000 pounds of shoreline trash to date? Woah. I guess I picked the right group of volunteers to work with!

Feeling inspired by our volunteers' commitment, I made some quick calls in July to national and state park friends and coordinated two new events. 

If you're feeling inspired too, come out and get your hands dirty for clean water! Sign up today:

Cleanup and trail maintenance at Lock 8, C&O Canal National Park
August 22 at 9:00am. RSVP >

Get Nuts acorn collection at Leesylvania State Park
September 26 at 10:00am. RSVP >


Looking for another way to help, preferably from the comfort of your office or home? I get it.

Volunteers do the bulk of the work with their own two hands, but they need the right tools and equipment to get the job done. They're superheroes to us, but even Batman needs his cape and tool belt.

Be an Alfred to our Bruce Waynes (okay, we'll stop with the superhero references) and outfit our volunteers with the supplies they need to make a difference.

Your donation of just $35 could supply a volunteer with a complete Volunteer Starter Kit.

It may not seem like much, but it makes all the difference in the world. After all, we're fighting to keep pollution out of the Potomac so that this treasured resource and the people and wildlife that call it home can thrive.

With your donation of $35 a volunteer will remove shoreline litter, make river and recreational trails safe for everyone, and restore river friendly lands with new trees and native plants.

Whether you supply the tools or use them yourself, your contribution is essential for a clean and healthy Potomac.

Together, we can take a stand for clean water one piece of litter or acorn at a time. Thank you!


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