3 ways to show your love for the Potomac

Volunteer to get your hands dirty for clean water this spring


There's a lot to love when it comes to the Potomac. What's got us head over heels for our hometown river?

For starters, the Potomac is the beautiful home to hundreds of different birds, fish, and animals that you can’t find anywhere else. The river also provides ample opportunities to get outside and get moving, from hiking to biking to boating. And, for more than 90% of us living in the DC Metro area, the Potomac provides the water we drink. We simply couldn’t live without you, dear Potomac. 

As spring rolls around, we're excited to fall in love with the Potomac all over again! Show the Potomac some love at an upcoming river cleanup. You’ll get outside, have some fun, and get your hands dirty for clean water. 

Whatever way you choose to Act Local, we can't wait to see you out on the river soon.


1. Potomac River Cleanup at Theodore Roosevelt Island | Saturday March 31


Come get your hands dirty for clean water with us as we enjoy some much-needed spring sunshine! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to explore this hidden gem in DC as you spend a fun morning protecting the Potomac.


2. Potomac Watershed Cleanup Day at Fletcher's Cove & Jones Point Park | Saturday April 14

Potomac river volunteers fletchers cove

Take part in the biggest river cleanup of the year!

Last year's volunteers kept over 404,500 pounds of trash out of our local waters. That's 31 elephants worth of trash kept from polluting our drinking water. Don't miss your chance to be part of this year's cleanup crew!


3. Potomac River Cleanup at Dyke Marsh | Saturday May 6


Join us as we take on Dyke Marsh for the first time. This popular fishing and birding spot will need some TLC. There's no better way to explore a new beautiful spot on the river than by doing your part to keep clean. 


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