Votes are in! The Winning Dolphin Names Are...

Introducing Mac and Chessie, Dolphins of the Potomac River!


With over 1,400 ballots cast and 27% of the vote, the public has named our two wild Potomac River dolphins…

“Mac and Chessie”!

Hello My Name is Mac.JPG
Hello My Name is Chessie.JPG

We’re sure the dolphins would have been happy with any of the names on the ballot - there were so many fin-tastic suggestions! But we think voters dolphin-ately nailed this one by naming this dynamic duo after the local waterways they call home: the Potomac “Mac” River and the Chesapeake “Chessie” Bay (Get it? 😉)

Now that they’ve been named, Mac and Chessie have something else to ask you.

The dolphins come back to the Potomac each summer because its shallow waters provide a safe place where they can birth and raise their calves.  

But, increasing levels of pollution from plastic litter and polluted runoff don’t make it easy for them.  

Would you consider making a $25, $50, or $100 charitable gift to Potomac Conservancy today to support our local conservation and clean-up programs? 

Plastic in our water is no small problem.

Last year, volunteers across the region removed over 346,444 pounds of trash from the Potomac and its tributaries. In a single day. They collected 2,434 bags of recycled materials including 9,700+ straws and 11,000+ plastic bags.  

Just look at all this trash dolphins have to deal with!  

Dolphins need this river to be clean. We need this river to be clean.

For the sake of our health and theirs, let’s keep the Potomac classy, not trashy! Donate today!

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DOLPHIN RESEARCH? Please contact Georgetown University’s Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project at, or visit

MEDIA INQUIRIES Contact Hedrick Belin at 301-608-1188 x202 or


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