5,900+ Petition Trump to Replant Trees

Trump's Treeless Golf Course Causes Stir Among River Advocates


This summer when Donald Trump officially unveiled his newest golf course in Loudoun County, Virginia, he was quick to brag about the 1.5 miles of treeless shoreline he created along the Potomac River. The way we see it, that's not something to be proud of, and more than 5,900 local residents agree. 

The wide-reaching affects of Trump's clear-cutting disaster have struck a chord. More than 5,900 river advocates who have signed our Change.org petition demanding Trump right his wrong by donating mature trees back to Loudoun County through NOVA Parks

As Potomac Conservancy reported in the Washington Post this summer, in constructing his golf course Trump clear-cut 450 shoreline trees, destroying important wildlife habitat and a critical line of protection for the river.

Why did Trump do this? All in the name of "unobstructed" views for his National Golf Club members.

His action degrades water quality for the outdoor enthusiasts who fish, paddle, run, and bike along the Potomac. 

It also negatively affects the five million local residents whose drinking water comes straight from the river. 

Our efforts to petition Trump have been featured on ABC7 News, DCist, the Loudoun Times-Mirror, and the Bay Journal

We're calling on Trump to take action by October 31.

Sign the petition today and take action for healthy lands and clean water!


What the media is saying:

Petition urges Trump to replant trees cleared from Potomac shoreline, Jeff Goldberg, ABC7 

Petition Urges Trump To Replace Trees Along Potomac River He Cleared 5 Years Ago, Matt Cohen, DCist

Trump asked to compensate Loudoun County for his water hazard on the Potomac, Dale Peskin, Loudoun Times-Mirror

Trees along Potomac River get ‘Trumped’, Whitney Pipkin, Bay Journal

Why Donald Trump’s view on trees is wrong, Hedrick Belin, Washington Post


What your neighbors are saying:

I fish from Algonkian to Riverbend routinely. This eyesore has done nothing good for this stretch of water.
Charlie from Vienna, VA

Trees, forests, the Potomac River and clean water are more valuable to society than a golf course for a few people.
Jorge from Silver Spring, MD

River buffers reduce sediment and nutrient runoff. Replant the trees!
Carol from Lovettsville, VA

Trees are vital to water quality and stability along rivers and creeks. How dare he cut down 450 trees for a view.
Suzanne from Richmond, VA

I am a nature enthusiast and lived walking distance from the Potomac River as a child. We fished and played in the water. We need to make a change for the better.
Danielle from Bowie, MD


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