Make a River Resolution This Year

Simple Steps You Can Take to Help the Potomac


The new year is here, and it’s a time of second chances, self-improvements, and fresh starts for many. 

Renew your commitment to clean water this year by taking small steps to make your life more river friendly. Trust us, your actions will add up to real change!

Need ideas? Check out a few suggestions from local volunteers. 

leave no trace potomac river

"Leave no trace! Please take everything you bring into the park with you back out, no matter how small."


native plants clean water potomac river

"Putting in native plants. We want [more] native plants and to get rid of invasive plants."


water bottle pollution potomac river

"Instead of buying water bottles, maybe get a water filter."

- Nathaniel

styrofoam pollution co canal potomac river

"Don't use Styrofoam!"


co canal towpath maryland

"How you treat property in the Potomac watershed can negatively impact water quality for all of us and our ability to enjoy the river.  Thinking ahead can help have a positive effect on the river ecosystem and our drinking water."

- Helen


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