Two ways to 'Get Vocal, Act Local' for clean water this month

A New Year's resolution to brag about

Get vocal act local

There are normal New Year’s resolutions (eat healthier, go to the gym, watch less Netflix). And then there are awesome New Year’s resolutions, the kind you can’t wait to tell your friends about.

We’re here to give you an awesome one: make 2018 the year you Get Vocal and Act Local!

Let's face it, when it comes to the environment these days, local is where it's at.

Places like Rockville, Alexandria, and the District are driving real change for clean water, and they're investing in common-sense solutions to reduce pollution. This local movement is fueled by passionate people like you who are getting things done to protect the waters and lands we love.

All year long we’ll be speaking up and standing up for clean water at riverside cleanups and local events. And you’re invited!

To kick off the year, here are two ways you can take action and make a difference for the Potomac now.

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1. Get Vocal: Tell local leaders to protect upstream trees

fletchers cove stream

The protection of upstream forests is absolutely critical to the safety of the water we drink here locally. Healthy, streamside forests provide the cleanest waters to the Potomac River, the source of drinking water for six million residents in our region. And forests benefit us in other ways by providing safe (and fun!) recreation spaces, habitat for local wildlife, and clean air. 

Upstream in Frederick County, Maryland, forests are disappearing, which is harming water quality not only for our upstream neighbors in Frederick, but also in creeks and streams here in Montgomery County and the District. Frederick County current forest conservation bill law isn’t doing enough to protect trees. In fact, since the county enacted its Forest Resource Ordinance in 1992, 1,300 acres of forest have been cut down. That’s 50 football fields of trees gone each year.

Changes to the ordinance proposed by County Executive Jan Gardner would strengthen protections for forests and bring the law back up to current standards.

Get Vocal! Join Potomac Conservancy and our coalition partners in support of the proposed changes. Send in your support today.


2. Act Local: Get your hands dirty to stop pollution

Potomac cleanup volunteers fletchers cove

The Potomac is our region's most precious resource. It provides the water we drink, habitat for wildlife, and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. But, as an urban river, the Potomac has a trash problem.

That's where you come in. Each of us can do our part to create a healthy, vibrant Potomac. In 2017, local volunteers kept nearly 6 tons of trash out of the Potomac. We need your help to do it again! 

Kick off 2018 by volunteering at our first river cleanup of the year. Our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is the first opportunity to get your hands dirty for clean water and make a difference in your community. 

Act Local! Join your neighbors down by the river for a fun-filled day of service. Sign up today.