Empowering a Local Movement for Clean Water

A Message from Our Leadership

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By standing up for clean water protections, you're telling our leaders and our community that our hometown river is worth saving.

As river protectors, there's nothing more we love to do than to get out and meet folks who share our passion for the Potomac River. No matter who we talk to — hikers, anglers, farmers, birders, paddlers, or other river enthusiasts — one thing is clear: we all have a Potomac story, a unique and personal link to our local lands and waters.

It's this shared connection that moves us to protect this treasured resource so that it, and the people and wildlife that call it home, can thrive.

The vibrancy of our communities is directly tied to the health of the river and liveliness of our local lands and streams. Yet, despite important conservation achievements, pollution continues to plague the Potomac.

Polluted runoff is the only growing source of pollution to the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay and remains the largest barrier to achieving a clean and restored Potomac. 

Every clean water initiative we pursue — from Land Protection, to Clean Water Advocacy, to hands-on Community Conservation — everything involves people taking action to restore the Potomac.

We're making a difference!

Fueled by member support in 2014, we expanded our local movement and delivered significant conservation wins, bringing us closer to our goal of achieving a swimmable and fishable Potomac by 2025. With your help, we:

  • Permanently protected 470 acres of river friendly lands in new conservation easements;
  • Successfully defended policies that generate local revenue streams for community restoration projects; and
  • Removed over 10,000 pounds of trash along area shorelines.

And that's just a preview! Check out our clean water successes to date >


Thank you for being part of the team that shares a collective vision for a healthy and restored Potomac!

Take a look at the stories in our latest Annual Report and learn more about the ways you are fighting for the Potomac and building a local and vocal movement for clean water.

When we come together, we're an unstoppable force for positive change!

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