Welcome Your Newest Clean Water Advocate, Emily!

Everyone Has a Part to Play in Fighting for Our Nation's River


Essay by Emily Jackson, Communications Intern

Although I grew up in a suburban area that was closer in proximity to Baltimore than Washington, DC, the Potomac River was still a big part of my childhood. I have many fond memories of summers spent with my grandparents in Rock Creek State Park.

And like most young adults today, I now look back on those simpler times not only for personal nostalgia, but also on a grander, environmental scale. In a day and age where technology is so ingrained in our lives, it can be difficult to remember where our priorities should lie. The Potomac River, a source of enjoyment and drinking water for millions of DC area residents (and lawmakers), is at risk.

It’s up to us to join together and do what we can to raise awareness and conserve this magnificent river so it can provide the same services for many more generations to come. 

As a (somewhat) proud owner of a BA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s English Department with a background in journalism, I am still somewhat of a newcomer to the environmental nonprofit field. This past year I worked as communications intern for the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) in the District, where I gained valuable insight into the world of energy, environmental (hence the name), and policy related issues. I am extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to further explore my new-found passion for the environment through my work with Potomac Conservancy.

See you on the river!
Emily Jackson

Joining our team for the fall of 2015 as an intern with our Communications Department, Emily shares clean water news and successes on the Conservancy's River News blogFacebook, and Twitter

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