2016 State of the Nation's River Report — Media Kit

Potomac River receives a grade of B-; first time ever above a C


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Highlights from the Report


The Good News

  • The top 3 pollutants in the Potomac — nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment — are on the decline
  • Shad, white perch, and other common game fish are making a comeback
  • Over 25 percent of our region's land is protected, providing local stream with clean, healthy water
  • More people are experiencing the river through fishing, water access trails, and state parks 

The Bad News

  • Polluted urban runoff is the only growing source of pollution to the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay
  • Predatory blue catfish and snakeheads are invading out waters, putting shad and other fish at risk
  • Poorly planned development in once-rural areas is paving over river friendly forests
  • Underwater grasses and water clarity have been slow to recover

The Potomac is the only major Chesapeake Bay tributary to achieve short- and
long-term nutrient reductions in its headwaters. 

 Source: US Geological survey

Source: US Geological survey