Volunteers Celebrate National Trails Day Along the Potomac

Paddlers Scoured Shorelines for Hard-to-Reach Trash

When Adetoye arrived at Fletcher's Cove in Washington, DC, for a National Trails Day cleanup, he didn't expect to get out on the water.

But given the opportunity to try kayaking for the first time, outgoing Adetoye hopped in, learned some strokes, and went on his way down the C&O Canal to clean some shoreline! 

Adetoye was one of the more than 80 volunteers that came out to celebrate National Trails Day at Fletcher's Cove with Potomac Conservancy and the National Parks Conservation AssociationVolunteers removed over 1,000 pounds of trash from the shorelines of the Potomac and the C&O Canal.

Volunteers removed thousands of scattered tree branches and logs, scrubbed grills and tables, and some, like Adetoye, rowed and paddled to collect trash from hard-to-reach areas. 

We hosted a volunteer from England, whose British sense of humor did not disappoint. And two volunteers leapt to the rescue of a catfish caught in a fisherman's line, unable to move. Canal cleaners turned wildlife saviors! 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and got their hands dirty for clean water!

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